Have you lost your Spark?

Are you a mum who wants more?

Who am I and what’s my story?

I am a forty something single mum of two teen boys living on the edge of the city of Birmingham.

As a young woman, I worked very hard to build a career; being very ambitious, I worked my way up in two companies before deciding it was time to have children. My first son took 4 years to appear and at that point, I decided that my high-flying job was not really going to fit around motherhood, so I made the difficult decision to leave my job. Number two son came along a little bit quicker, so it seemed like overnight my life had drastically changed. I had swapped my power for puree.

For four years I stayed at home with my baby boys and mithered day and night about whether I should continue to stay at home with them or go back to work. I wanted to do both ideally, but it didn’t seem possible. Did I really have to give up the career I had worked so hard to build?  I loved my children with all my heart, and I felt guilty for even thinking these thoughts, but as each day passed, the passion and fire I had for my own dreams that had burned so bright, felt hosed down to just a hope that one day, I could do what I dreamed as well as being a fab mum.

I found the answer to my dilemma quite by accident. I opened a door that I never would have thought to open when I became a consultant with The Body Shop At Home™ and I found my spark once again.

Since that day, I have spent 13 fabulous years being an at home mum and building a business working with the most wonderful ethical brand and selling their gorgeous goodies.

I absolutely have the best of both worlds!

My business is a family one, my boys have been a part of it from day one; they help me, they support me, they are my biggest cheerleaders and they know how to do hand massages (bonus!)

I am still very ambitious and driven and probably work a bit too hard at everything I do. I am also very positive and so grateful for life, I try to see the silver lining in every experience and I believe that helps me to lead a happier life. As well as building a life and a future for my children, I am also now thinking of my own future which I would love to spend in a cosy cottage in the countryside working my business virtually.

My downtime is spent travelling, cooking, adoring my cats and being Wonder Woman (you have never seen us both in the same room right?). I like to take walks, watch a box set, listen to music from my youth and am currently working on making my house into a home.

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If you are unsure about what the direct sales industry is about or have heard some bad press about it, you might like to read my fabulous guide to starting your own business around your children.
This guide contains the information I wish I had been given I was starting out and making decisions all those years ago.
My top tips are applicable to any direct sales business but if after reading them you want to work with me and The Body Shop™ brand directly, just book me in for a call and we will talk it over.


Can I help you?

With 13 years’ experience, I have become an expert in the field of direct sales with a business exceeding 1000 people and almost £3 million sales in 2020 (pinches self!) and I am more than happy to share my expertise with you.

What drives me to get up and rock it every day is that I have found passion and purpose in my work to help career driven mums get the best of both worlds like I have. I will show you the path I have followed and help you make a roadmap for your own journey.

I believe that everyone has the spark in them to achieve their dreams, in the words of the guru Katy Perry, you just have to ignite the light and let it shine!

As a self-employed individual you are choosing your own path; no stuffy office working 9-5 for someone else, you get to be your own person and you can work however you like. For me that means enjoying my work, I am a businesswoman but I am also in the business of having fun!

I am looking for people who feel like I did back when the boys were small - the movers and shakers who have been grounded by the expectation that motherhood equals the end of career goals and big dreams.

If you have a #noexcuses vibe and you want to take action; you want to achieve but you also want to be the best mum you can be, then I really want to hear from you. I am ready to help you create your future.

Let’s work together and rekindle that spark into a raging inferno so you too can have the best of both worlds.

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The Body Shop at Home™


I have had the pleasure of working with Melany for while now; she has continually inspired, motivated and mentored me. This has enabled me to make the most of this flexible opportunity which fits around my hectic life as a single mum

Millissa -  Team Leader and Mum of Four

I love this business! I find Melany really relatable, she is just a normal Mum who has built her own business which is inspiring for me. I find her motivational without being pushy and I love that she has experienced what I have done and can advise me.
Direct sales  is really flexible and it has enabled me to work round my family and build a business that works for me.

Sharon - Senior Team Leader and Mum of Three